Miradi has the potential to transform the practice of conservation.

  • Easy Step-by-Step Interview Wizard
  • Threat Prioritization
  • Development of Objectives and Actions
  • Selection of Monitoring Indicators
  • Planning and Financial Views

Working Together

The Miradi software program is a joint venture between the Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP) and Benetech.

CMP Logo
The Conservation Measures Partnership is a consortium of conservation NGOs committed to improving the practice of conservation.

Benetech is an innovative Palo Alto-based nonprofit that develops sustainable technology projects addressing major social issues in areas such as disability, human rights, literacy, education, the environment and the digital divide.

Miradi Tutorials

To learn about Miradi features and fucntions, download the Miradi self-guided tutorial.

Also check out this Miradi Dashboard video to learn about a cool, new feature for sharing project progress online.


Welcome to Miradi

Miradi - a Swahili word meaning "project" or "goal" - is a user-friendly program that allows nature conservation practitioners to design, manage, monitor, and learn from their projects to more effectively meet their conservation goals. The program guides users through a series of step-by-step interview wizards, based on the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation. As practitioners go through these steps, Miradi helps them to define their project scope, and design conceptual models and spatial maps of their project site. The software helps teams to prioritize threats, develop objectives and actions, and select monitoring indicators to assess the effectiveness of their strategies. Miradi also supports the development of workplans, budgets, and other tools to help practitioners implement and manage their project. Users can export Miradi project data to donor reports or, in the future, to a central database to share their information with other practitioners.

Miradi News - April 2014

Miradi 4.1.1 Available - Upgrade Now!

Miradi 4.1.1 fixes some bugs found in Miradi 4.1 – with emphasis on some bugs associated with exports and imports of xmpz2  files.  This new release also includes some formatting improvements and the simplification of exporting of Miradi Share files (xmpz2).  Users should upgrade now to ensure they have access to these updates.  To learn more about Miradi Share, a web-based system to adaptively manage portfolios of conservation projects and grants, go to www.miradishare.org.